svetlana tumanova

about artist

Graduated from the Academy of Arts of the Belorussia. Lives now in Kiev, Ukraine.

Svetlana Tumanova makes her art experiments in various genres, but the majority of her paintings she creates in the style which can be defined as  "magic theatre".
The works linked with this style may cover all the diversity of painting from representational art to abstract art, but the feature that unites all of them is that thay transfer a spectator to some other-being.
Each of these paintings is a door to some other world with its own time, its own space, its own specific laws and its own mystery of being.
Some potential many-layerness which may be seen in the works by Tumanova releases a spectator from a fixed interpretation and provides him with freedom in choosing a layer of perception from superficial one up to mystical co-experience.
     This effect that is especially visible in her associative abstractions may be achieved due to specific technique of art creation. The process of painting is carried out as some dynamic meditation linked with drowning into depth of unconscious.
     The artist's rich creative intuition and her art skill wich permit her to fix the most delicate spontaneous soul impulses bring up to extraordinary saturation of the paintings with the profound archetypical symbols.
     This archetypical saturation explaines an enigmatic ability of Tumanova's best works to held some unlimited contens on a limited canvas surface performed with laconic art means and to condense enormous energy wich as if blows up the forms of reality from inside and crystallizes at the same time in the form of well-balanced dynamics of the moment stopped in the eternity ("Sea of Oblivion") or dematerializes canvas space being embodied in images of clearance and might ("The Saviour Ichthys").


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